Biological Monitoring


Biological Monitoring

Several weeks back the Company approached the Union on doing a pilot project of biological monitoring at APP (Anode Paste Plant). The Union Executive discussed it at the July monthly meeting and although it was considered not a bad idea, it was felt that Lines 3-5 should be included in view of not only the harsh conditions existing there, but also the long standing complaints of green skin from the cranemen coming out of the so-called protected micro environments.

The company responded that they didn’t have the resources to do both areas and only wanted to target APP. The problem with this is that Lines 3-5 will be shutting down in the near future and it is important to document what our members are exposed to for future reference, if need be. If anything, Lines 3-5 should take priority as APP will continue to run in the new plant and can be done anytime. This was explained to the Company, but they insist on following their own priorities as usual. As a result of this the Union Executive is not endorsing the voluntary biological monitoring pilot project at APP.

An email was sent to the company as follows:

From: Rick Belmont

To: Tremblay, Nick (RTA)

Subject: RE: Biological monitoring

Nick: The biological monitoring was discussed at the July Union executive meeting. The Union Executive was disappointed that the company are not going to commit the resources to monitor lines 3 to 5 as the conditions are extremely bad in this area not to mention the numerous complaints from our members on green skin from that same area. It is important to identify what our members are exposed to in lines 3 to 5 while these lines are still operating. If anything 3 to 5 should be done first because app will continue to operate in the new plant and can be done any time. On that note the Union Executive will not be endorsing the biological monitoring pilot project at APP. The priorities, if you have to choose, should be lines 3 to 5 first. The Union will be sharing our decision with the membership as well.

Issued by

Unifor Local 2301

September 24, 2013